Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cleavland Rocks! (not really...haha)

So as I mentioned, being snowed in while in Ohio, meant we spent a lot of time on the couch doing absolutely nothing. It felt good. We did peel ourselves away a couple times though. We met up with our old friend Lenny again for a local show as well as moseying on over to Akron for some classic all American burgers at the Sky Way Drive-In.

Now, I know, I know, we claim to be pescatarian and normally try not to eat meat, but this was Billy's mom's old teenage hang out and with all her raving we just had to cheat. And let me tell you... we hadn't had a burger in sooooooo long, it was definitely worth it.

We also ventured outside to go sledding for the first time in Cleavland with Emily and her friend. We love any opportunity to just be like kids again! (And to fly down a huge hill on small pieces of winter toy shrapnel apparently!)

Sometimes fun took a back seat to shivering though. We were right on the bank of Lake Eerie, so the wind chill in addition to the cold and wet snow was quite the sacrifice. Again, worth it though.

Thank goodness for seat warmers!

Snowed in...

Ok, so let's see where we left off.... We were on our way to Kent, Ohio to stay with Billy's aunt. Like all our other stops, we were only planning on staying a couple days, but, as you'll see in the pictures, winter in Ohio had us sticking around a little longer.

I spent most of the time looking out the window watching all the cute little birds coming to the bird feeders Aunt Charlene has in her back yard. It was so nice to see such colorful vivacity in the midst of the cold, dead whiteness.

There's a bird's nest somewhere under all that snow....

Thanks to the dogs, we did occasionally have to leave the warmth of the couch and trudge out into the tundra. Of course, we all had to get seriously bundled up - nonetheless, our walks usually didn't last very long. In most cases, the snow was deeper than our little Azure is tall; poor thing was always covered in it.

Eventually, the dogs acquired a taste for freshly fallen snow. I think they thought the world was their giant snow cone!