Monday, May 4, 2009

The Wind Chill City

When we finally managed to get back on the road from Ohio, our next stop was Chicago! We were pretty excited to finally visit Chi-town, but ya know, it's Chicago so it was cold and windy - consequently we didn't get out much.

We did get downtown for a brief stroll and Billy stood under one of his favorites feats of architecture, Sears Tower.

One of the best things about our trip was being able to stop and see people we otherwise might not have seen again, like our friends Ryan and Felicia. Here's their little brownstone.

They're pretty much the cutest roomies ever. We happened to be in town the night they were having a house warming party, so we just hung around the apartment with them...

Super Breakfast! Leftover cupcakes and multivitamins! hehe

We'll definitely have to be back some time to experience more of Chicago... some time not in the winter! Thanks guys for giving us a warm place to stay! <3

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