Monday, January 19, 2009

The COLD Apple

Before we left NY we wanted to make sure to visit the city, even though it wasn't the most pleasant weather to go walking around the streets of New York in.

The guys did a great job scraping some serious amounts of ice off the car so we could go.

Although, I have a feeling Billy wasn't enjoying this winter chore, and maybe even scornful of the lack of contribution from us girls. haha

Seeing the city at night was insane. The lights were so bright it hardly even felt like night!

We had a pretty chill time in the city. (Literally.)


  1. I LOVE BILLY'S FACE!!! Oh man that was classic. Hey, that's the nice thing about having men around :-P

  2. WOW! seriously im so jealous. i wish I could have been there for all of this fun! have fun in Scranton! lol