Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lazy days on the farm

After the cramped drive to Alabama, we were so thankful to sprawl out in this.

The house is so cute and quaint. Rini had no problem getting adjusted to the quiet farm atmosphere.

This was our morning view from the bedroom window. So peaceful. A nice change of pace.

We spent a lot of the time in the kitchen - my favorite place to be. Look at this beautiful bounty with which Sarah used to make fresh juice!

We passed most of the time at the kitchen table chatting...

And gazing out the window.

We watched this unbelievably fat woodpecker sit on the maple tree and gorge himself all day long. Beats any day time soap in my book!

The tap never ran dry - by the end of the day, the sap was dripping from the tree drenching the roots below.

We wrapped up our stay by bringing in the New Year with some sparkling gunpowder!

(Clearly the chickens didn't like us disrupting their usually still quiet night! haha)


  1. Had to laugh at the dance. Just like on the shop floor.