Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Grand Canyon of the east coast

Once we got to the top of Linville Falls, a hiker told us that it is considered by the locals as the Grand Canyon of the east coast. Looking down from the top, taking it all in, we quickly saw the comparison.

Our favorite pictures - the reward at the end of a long hike.

This is quite an adventure for the dogs, but they're loving it!

So the weather may not have been the most ideal for hiking, but we weren't gonna let a little rain stop us. Or mud for that matter.

Now that was some walk.


  1. AWWWW I love it, and I love you guys!!! Love the adventures!!! Miss you! Stay safe!

  2. wow! i never knew we had a "grand canyon" over there! lol
    looks like fun! did u go swimming in the creek??

  3. Oh!! I really miss you so much! I'm really into your blog tho.. please keep updating! It's the best adventure I've ever cyber-experienced.

    Love you!!!!!

  4. Hannah:
    Yeah, it was pretty impressive. And I could have gone swimming I suppose, if I wanted to get hypothermia and drown. haha

    Wish you could be here with us! <3